"Unsustainable," is how the Fraternal Order of Police is describing Baltimore police Commissioner Michael Harrison's new crime plan for Baltimore City.

In a statement released Tuesday, the FOP said the department is currently 500 officers short of what's required for that plan to work.

In his new plan, Harrison wants to make the Baltimore Police Department more efficient and effective and the city significantly safer, but he agrees right now the department is under-staffed but said he's already working on it.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Harrison said his plans clearly explain that the department is launching numerous new initiatives, including a "renewed focus on recruitment and retention to increase the number of officers on the street."

In his plan, Harrison also said he, "plans to improve technology and apply smart deployment strategies to reduce officers' workloads and improve working conditions and officer morale."

Harrison's response comes after the FOP released a statement Tuesday morning. In that the FOP's President Michael Mancuso, said, "Baltimore is a dangerous city and the utmost care and caution should be taken as you go about your daily tasks..." He went on to say, "As it stands now, there are not enough officers to even respond to the number of calls to 911."

Harrison said many support his current plan, including Mayor Jack Young, the Baltimore City Council and national policing organizations.