Enough is Enough

Baltimore, Md – July 28, 2019 - As Jews we are taught to be a compassionate and loving people and we must love our good neighbors of our entire community. We must respect our government, its laws and the police and courts who uphold those laws. With the crime that we have in Baltimore we as a community must stand up and do whatever we can to help stop and fix the crime and lawlessness. Here in our community locally we have the Northwest Citizen Patrol, Shomrim and Chaverim who are doing a great service to our community. But we must be concerned for communities all over our city and state.

Last week in downtown Baltimore there was a horrible attack on a Muslim individual wearing a Muslim skull cap. We are not sure, but it may have been a hate crime and a robbery, and it could have been directed by criminals at a person of religion, Muslim or Jew. The incident took place right by a very active operating shul, Bnai Israel, where many come to that shul in Kippot. The group of criminals beat the victim with much violence and extreme hateful terror, severely injuring this innocent victim.

It is our responsibility to have a huge outcry, by all of us, to our political leaders.... that such crime must stop. Unfortunately, Baltimore has one of the greatest crime rates in America. Let us all support our police and elect government officials who will stand up to crime and improve the safety of all our neighbors of our city and surrounding counties. Let us elect judges who will keep criminals in jail and make sure they no longer threaten our communities.

May Hashem protect us and Baltimore but let us make the hishtadlus to do whatever we can to stop crime.