Baltimore, MD - Apr. 11, 2019 - In the wake of outbreaks in areas with large Orthodox communities around the world and the recent Measles exposure which occurred in our community, the Baltimore City Health Department will provide a free MMR clinic for adults between the ages of 30 and 62 in conjunction with and sponsored by Sinai Hospital this Friday at Shomrei Emunah. The Vaad HaRabbanim, in consultation with Sinai Hospital, Hatzalah, community schools and physicians and State, City and County Health Departments, have expressed the clear imperative that all members of the community make sure they are vaccinated and immune to the disease.

Specifically, adults between the ages of 30 and 62 have generally not received 2 MMR vaccines. This group has, in other communities, served as a component of the rapid spread of the disease, and increased immunization efforts for this group have successfully decreased Measles spread. Replicating the efforts taken in the Detroit area, the BCHD and Sinai Hospital are encouraging everyone in this age group to ensure their immunity and protect the health of our community at large. Especially during this pre-Pesach season with the extensive travel in and out of the community, please consider the statement of the Vaad HaRabbanim and take advantage of this free clinic before we celebrate Pesach with our communities and guests.

PLEASE NOTE:  The effectiveness of this campaign for community health is contingent on MASS vaccination.  Turnout is CRITICAL.  We urge you to make it a PRIORITY to come and be vaccinated at the MMR clinic, and to see your pediatrician regarding meeting the recommendations for your children.  

“The Health Department has made specific recommendations for people who might be at increased risk of measles exposure, including people planning to travel to areas with measles outbreaks or who might have contact with visitors from these areas. “Please note that - especially in the light of recent patterns of outbreaks in other Orthodox communities, and because of the extensive travel and close contact between communities – we consider the entire Orthodox community at increased risk.” -Vaad HaRabbanim.

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