Baltimore's new police commissioner is already working on getting more officers on the street.

Commissioner Michael Harrison was confirmed Monday by the City Council and sworn in Tuesday. He said Wednesday he's using more civilians in positions to free up sworn officers.


Harrison told the 11 News I-Team he heard the same requests from the public in all the meetings he had leading up to his confirmation. He said residents requested that police officers be more visible and proactive. People also he said they want the Police Department to reform its practices.

Harrison also told the I-Team that he plans to define what he called the core functions of the Police Department and reform how it operates. He said the focus will be to engage in a constitutional and professional manner, build good cases for prosecution and better deploy resources.

Harrison said Baltimore police officers have been expected to do too many things.

"The next best thing to bringing people on, or using overtime, is to reduce the workload. Right now, we are being all things to all people, and I think we should prioritize to figure out core functions of what we really should be doing and deploy to that, and really socialize the new concept to our residents and community about why we are here, what we should be doing and prioritize and do those things well instead of doing everything not so well," Harrison said.

Harrison said police should not be expected to reduce crime on their own.