The Charedi community asked the world to join them in tefila for those injured in a fatal bus accident that killed two and injured 41 passengers on Sunday morning. 

Specifically the community sent a message on WhatsApp requesting people to say psalms, liturgical hymns often said when Jews find themselves in difficult situations. The message published the name of some of the injured along with the words for Psalms Chapter 121, which is traditionally recited for those who are sick, hoping for a quick recovery.

The message urged those to spread the names stating, "Whoever prays for his friend is answered first," a well-known Talmudic saying urging those to pray for others because those are the prayers that are answered. 

The names of those injured that the community that were released were:

Nir Ben Ayala, a 9-year-old currently undergoing an operation 
Itamar Shimon son of Uri (10 month old baby)
David son of Batya
Efraim Frig son of Wassy
Abraham son of Donna
Ariel son of Nathalie
Ariel son of Rivka
Masoudi daughter of Esther
Shalom Hai son of Kuchik
Pini Pinchas son of Flora
Yaakov son of Zipporah
Shlomo Shalev son of Rina
Alon son of Aviva
Tami daughter of Esther
Meir son of Tammy

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