Los Angeles police have arrested a man who they say has been snatching wigs off the heads of Orthodox Jewish women in North Hollywood, California.

The suspect was arrested at a home in Encino based on a tip investigators received after releasing video and images of the perpetrator earlier in the day Wednesday, Los Angeles police officials said.

The man targeted his first known victim during the Yom Kippur holiday on Sept. 19, following the 80-year-old woman as she walked along Bellaire Avenue from Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood, police said.

Soon after the woman noticed she was being tracked, the suspect allegedly grabbed the wig off of her head, smiled and handed it back to her.

The loathsome loser never said anything and then calmly walked away, police said.

Later that day, a 36-year-old woman was walking on Chandler Boulevard at Bellaire Avenue when she was approached from behind by the same suspect, cops said.

The man allegedly attempted to pull the woman’s wig off her head but did not succeed.

The suspect struck again this week when he allegedly targeted another victim on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

According to detectives, a 58-year-old woman was loading music equipment into her vehicle near Laurel Canyon and Burbank Boulevard when the suspect approached and successfully removed the victim’s wig from her head.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the man allegedly said in a sarcastic manner before throwing the wig on the ground and walking away, police said.

The suspect appears to have targeted the women because of their religious beliefs, cops said. Read more at NY Daily News