In Bereishis 35:19 it says that Rachel was nifteres and was buried on the road leading to Efras, Bethlehem. Why do we not find in the Torah that Yaakov cried and was maspid Rachel the same way we find that Avraham was maspid Sarah? 

One answer could be based on the Baal HaTurim that says the reason why Avraham was maspid Sarah for only a little bit was because it was considered as if Sarah was “MeAbed Atzma Ledaas.” She was Moseres Din LaShomayim by complaining. Here too Rachel was the cause of her demise because she stole her father’s trafim. She did this on her own without seeking advice and consent from Yaakov. 

A second reason is because Sarah was the akeres HaBayis so the loss was that much greater requiring a hesped. She was megayeres es haNashim. Thereby there was a need to make a hesped for Sarah. On the other hand, Rachel’s demise was terrible but did not destroy the Bayis of Yaakov as Leah and the Shfachos were still alive. 

A third answer is based on Gemara Moed Katan 28a the Halacha of a woman who dies in childbirth should not be lying in state as it could be embarrassing. Since Rachel died while giving birth she had to be buried right away. This is also the reason why she was buried while travelling and they did not wait till they arrived at a cemetery. 

A fourth answer is that Yaakov was worried that Leah would be offended. Leah would feel as if even after Rachel was nifteres Yaakov still does not want her. We find the Chasam Sofer after his first wife died and he re-married he would not light candles leiluy nishmas his first wife so as not to offend his new wife.  

A fifth answer could be that really both Yitzchok and Yaakov were maspid their respective spouses. The reason the Torah does not mention it is because the Torah wanted to teach us that women get a hesped. For this limud it was enough to tell us that Avraham was maspid Sarah. There is no need for the Torah to tell us about Yitzchok and Yaakov that they were maspid

A sixth answer could be that Yaakov was worried that if he would be maspid Rachel they would be Toeh BaDerech. They would get mixed up and get lost on their trip. 

A seventh and final answer is that really Yaakov did not want to marry two sisters even though it was before mattan Torah. He really wanted to marry Rachel but once Leah was the first wife, he only married Rachel to fulfill his neder. This is the reason that Rachel had to die before arriving to their home so that Yaakov should not be married to two sisters. That is why he was not maspid Rachel. 

May we all be zocheh to live in Eretz Yisrael and have techiyas hameisim.