Representatives of the disabled organizations clashed on Tuesday during a discussion in the Labor and Social Affairs Committee, a violent confrontation that spilled over into a stabbing attempt, an attempt to throw a glass bottle at one another, fists and curses.

One of the representatives of the disabled organizations spoke at the meeting and suddenly another representative burst out and yelled at her: “You are begging at the junction, go to the intersection.”

At this point, the confrontation turned violent when one of those present shouted: “There will be terrorism today.”

MK Ilan Gilon, who suffers from disability and was verbally assaulted by some of the disabled representatives, responded: “You are a bunch of selfish people. Egoists. You only want publicity. ”

Following the violent confrontation, the discussion was halted, and the confrontation continued outside the committee room when the Knesset security tried to control the event they were not accustomed to, violence – disabled – in the Knesset.

During the discussion, coalition chairman David Bitan promised that the law that increases disability benefits will take effect by the beginning of 2018. “You cannot wait for the government anymore. Promises should be fulfilled. The law will pass, and the money will enter in January, “said Bitan.

The committee’s discussion takes place about two months after the government reached an agreement with disability organizations to raise disability pensions, in order to advance the legislative process and anchor the outline in amendments to the National Insurance Law.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein issued a statement condemning the incident and said, “I am shocked by the grave incident that took place at the Knesset Labor and Social Affairs Committee. The Knesset is a place for discussion and debate, but never a place for violence. With all the understanding of the importance of the struggle of the disabled, which is very emotional, as well as many other struggles, no one is allowed to use violence. I also call on all the leaders of the struggle to denounce those who do so.”