Baltimore, MD - Dec. 5, 2017 - With great sadness we inform you of the petirah of Raphael Shachar Weissberg, z'l, son of ybl"c Dr. Aharon Weissberg and Mrs. Zahavit Weissberg in Yerushalayim. The levaya is tonight at 8:30 pm, Yerushalayim time. Kevura to take place in Har HaMenuchos.

Dr. Aharon Weissberg is sitting shiva at 3501 Clarks Lane, Apt 2A,  Baltimore, MD  21215 - Shacharis: 7:45 Am Mincha/Maariv: 4:30 PM

Mrs. Zahavit Weissberg is sitting Shiva in Israel is at 153/47 Rechov Yafo, Yerushalayim

Bila HaMaves LaNetzach...