“I would like to thank you for the warm caring and good heart. I do not know how to thank you”, reads the letter written by an elderly Jerusalem resident to police of the Moriah Station for the assistance she received.

Some two week ago, the security officer of a supermarket apprehended the elderly woman in the act of shoplifting, summoning police. The security officer told police this is not the first time he apprehended this woman.

The police noticed a frightened elderly woman with a basket of food, and during preliminary questioning they realized that the background was personal economic distress. Police asked the elderly woman to accompany them to the station where they spoke to her and realized that she lived alone, was in financial distress, and this was not the first time she took food from the grocery store.

The police brought in welfare authorities and while they were at the station collected money from the policemen, they put it in a closed envelope that the interrogator gave the elderly woman when she accompanied her when she left the station.

The woman arrived at the station last week and approached the policemen she knew, thanking them warmly and giving them a letter expressing her thanks. The policemen insisted it was their merit to assist her, understanding the elderly woman lives on her own.