The Israel Police, along with the various enforcement agencies, are fighting pirate marketing of food for the sake of protecting the health and well-being of the citizens.

Food that reaches the consumer without sanitary supervision is liable to endanger public health and its pirated marketing harms authorized marketers who maintain the conditions required to ensure public health and safety.

In a combined operation of the Israel Police and veterinary inspectors raided a butcher shop in Tamra. A ton of meat from black (illegal) slaughter was seized by the force and destroyed and the owner of the butcher shop was detained for questioning. Tamra is an Arab city in the North District of Israel located in the Lower Galil.

On Tuesday, 18 Cheshvan, in another combined operation of the Israeli police and the veterinary inspectors arrived at the village of Dir al-Asad, where 250 kilograms of black meat were seized. The meat was confiscated and destroyed, and the 36-year-old shop owner was detained for questioning. Deir al-Asad is an Arab town in the Galil region of Israel, near Carmiel.

At the beginning of the week, a combined half-ton of black meat was seized by Israeli forces and the unit of the Ministry of Agriculture in the village of Rameh, where the meat was confiscated by the force and the owner of the butcher shop detained for questioning. Rameh is an Arab town in the Northern District of Israel. Located east of Nahef and Carmiel

B’chasdei Hashem, the meats were confiscated before they could be sent to market to stores in Israel.