A police traffic enforcement unit apprehended a 21-year-old motorist, a resident of the Israeli Arab municipality of Jaljulia, driving with a suspended license, clapping his hands and singing whiling traveling at a speed of 250 KPH (155 MPH) on Highway 6, over twice the legal speed limit. The video was taken by and submitted to police by a friend of the driver.

The driver was summoned for questioning, which led to filing a criminal indictment against him in the Petach Tikvah Traffic Court. The indictment accuses the suspect of driving 250 KPH in a Mercedes sedan, southbound on Highway 6 based on speed calculations between monitoring stations. He is also seen in the video clapping hands and not with his hands on the wheel. The array of charges against him include endangering life and limb.

It is pointed out that during the trip in question, there was a minor seated in the rear of the vehicle busy with his mobile phone.