UENOS AIRES - Argentina's attitude towards Israel has gone from the hostility of the period of the rule of Nestor Kirchner and later his wife Cristina from 2003 to 2015, to one of genuine friendship under current President Mauricio Macri, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday, shortly after meeting the president in Buenos Aires.

“What happened here is that a new era has begun,” Netanyahu told reporters during a briefing. He said that Macri, who is trying to change Argentina's overly regulated and centralized economy, is looking to Israel as an example.

Economic issues, rather than diplomatic ones dominated their meeting, he said, noting that the Palestinians were not discussed once.

Following his meeting with Macri, Netanyahu met with another South American ally, Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes, who flew to Buenos Aires for the meeting.

Before the meeting, Cartes – who was assisted in his 2013 elections by an Israeli consulting firm started by Ari Harow, Netanyahu's chief of staff who is now a state's witness in cases involving Netanyahu -- said Israel and Paraguay are working very well together, “though I think there is much more to do.”

“Relations are like a muscle, you have to practice and work every day,” he said. “But you have to know that we like you very much."

Security issues were among those high on the agenda of the talks, as Paraguay faces a challenge from Hezbollah elements who have penetrated its...read more at JPost