A chareidi driver was apprehended on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway during the afternoon hours driving more than the maximum number of permitted people in his vehicle. Police stopped the vehicle and were surprised to find that there were eight passengers, including three children in the hatch. Police also learned this was not the first time that he was apprehended for this very offense. A motorcycle traffic enforcement policeman explained that as he was passing the vehicle, he saw heads moving from the rear compartment of the hatchback.

In addition, none of the children were in authorized protective seats. The officer, who had recorded what he saw via his helmet camera, pulled over the vehicle. When he asked the driver to open the rear door, he found three children, ages 8-11, seated on makeshift bench facing the rear.

The driver is a 31-year-old male from the center of the country, explained to police that he even installed seatbelts and does not understand the problem.

Police learned within the last month he was fined 500 shekels for transporting eight in the car, as well as earning six points on his license.