Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked on Wednesday morning 15 Elul spoke with Kol Berama Radio about the appointment of Esther Hayut as the new president of the High Court of Justice. The official appointment was made on Tuesday.

Shaked explained that her objection is to the process and not the person, carefully explaining Justice Hayut is well suited for the post but the process by which she was chosen, seniority, must be amended.

Shaked explaining she and her colleagues are working to implement change so that the best candidate is chosen and not just tapping a justice with the most seniority. She added it is unacceptable to only have one candidate to select from in the appointment process.

Shaked promises to continue working to amend this process as she explains she remains hopeful this is the last time that a justice will be selected based on seniority alone without having others to select from.