Terrorist who perpetrated attacks with his fiancee over the weekend did so 'as a result of families' rejection of their engagement.'

The following has been cleared for publication concerning the operation by Shin Bet forces and Israel Police to locate and arrest the terrorist responsible for the shootings in the Ateret and Nabi Salah area over the weekend:

The terrorist involved was Amar Ahmed Lutfi Khalil, 34, a resident of Kfar Ayin, who had previously been active in the Palestinian Authority security services and was recently a weapons dealer. He perpetrated the two attacks together with his fiancée, Ruan Ambar, as a result of their families' rejection of the couple's engagement.

Amar Khalil opened fire on the security forces as they attempted to arrest him and was killed. Ruan turned herself in to the Palestinian Authority security services and is being held by them.

In the shooting attack which took place near Ateret and was carried out from a passing vehicle, a resident of the Arab village of Beitin was lightly wounded. He was treated at the scene by medical personnel. The vehicle sustained damage.