Members of the Association of Cities for the Environment of Shomron visited Modi’in Illit and they became painfully aware of the growing swarm of mosquitoes near the stream and collections of water, which is in no small part from PA (Palestinian Authority) Ramallah, which is about 30km (18 miles) away.

In fact, the waste water from Ramallah travels to Modi’in Illit and eventually, lands up in the Ayalon River.

Association head Yitzchak Meir explains there is a population explosion in Ramallah which means a great deal of construction. He explains the construction has negatively impacted the land’s ability to absorb sewage, and that is why the runoff is making its way to Modi’in Illit and the Ayalon. Meir points out many concerns, including the bodies of water attracting mosquitoes and disease and illness.

Mayor Yaakov Gutterman explains he has already been in touch with the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, aware of the large concentration of mosquitoes in areas of the city. Civil Administration inspectors have visited to assess the situation too.