R’ Yisrael Cohen, the young avreich and Slonim Chossid who went missing while hiking in the Nachal Og area in the Judean Desert on Wednesday 23 Nissan was B’chasdei Hashem found alive and well on Thursday morning.

The search continued through the night and he was found in proximity of Nabei Moussa. They were originally a group of five and when they realized they were lost, one went for help. The others were all rescued on Wednesday but Yisrael was missing until the morning.

Zaka officials explain that the young avreich saw a chopper that was involved in the search and waved to it from a higher position but he was not detected. He fell asleep during the night and woke up Thursday morning. He then began heading to the Nabei Moussa Base and as he approached began calling for assistance. A passing police car involved in the search found him alive and well and brought him to the Zaka command post.