While chareidi Jerusalem councilmen applaud the fact that Mayor Nir Barkat has spoken out and given assurances that the Shabbos status quo would be honored and fears of growing chilul Shabbos are unfounded. This cleared the way for the chareidi councilmen to support the city budget as well as save face, telling constituents that their threat not to support the budget compelled the mayor to respond as he did.

Others explain the mayor’s words were nothing more than lip service and the chareidi representatives sold out.

After months of going head-to-head with the mayor over Kedushas Shabbos in Yerushalayim with the mayor, the chareidim made due with the mayor addressing them, assuring them Kedushas Shabbos would not be trampled in the capital. In essence, this is the same promise made by the mayor when he drew up coalition agreements with the various parties.

Deputy Mayor Yossi Deutsch praised Barkat, emphasizing the importance of keeping Shabbos in the city.