The Shas part scored a victory in the elections for Chief Rabbi of the community of Nesher. Rabbi Yitzchak Levi was elected to the post.

The battle was between Shas and Bayit Yehudi for their respective candidates. The results of the election were released on Tuesday, 16 Adar 5777. While Shas is boasting the victory, Yahadut Hatorah MK Moshe Gafne claims the victory, the election of the chareidi candidate. Shas MK Yigal Guetta was quick to respond to Gafne, rejecting the accuracy of his statements.

Gafne however insists, telling the media that HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita wrote a letter supporting him at Degel Hatorah’s behest, and this handed him the election.