MK Yisrael Eichler told Kol Berama Radio that coalition chairman, MK (Likud) David Bitan acts “like an elephant in a china shop”, explaining “instead of acting to mend coalition fractures and bring sides closer together, his actions only serve to widen the already existing differences”.

Eichler is referring to credible rumors that Bitan is planning to remove him as chair of the Knesset Ombudsman Committee, which the coalition chair has the right to do. This is over ongoing chareidi threats to stop voting with the coalition if certain coalition agreements are not met this week.

Bitan spoke with the chareidi radio too on Wednesday, insisting that “all” coalition obligations towards the chareidim have been fulfilled as they should be. He added “There is no need for threats”, referring to the announcement from chareidi parties that they will stop supporting the coalition during this last week of the Knesset session before recess.