A poll shows that most young adults living in Yerushalayim are satisfied with their quality of life. In fact, 75% of the young adults polled plan to continue living in the capital in the future as they are very satisfied with life in the city. the poll included over 9,000 young adults ranging in age from 21 to 40.

75% are very satisfied with life in the city.

74% suggest friends move to the city as well.

75% of students state it is very likely they will remain in the city upon completion of studies.

85% of students plan to continue living here after completing studies.

The students who signal it is extremely likely they will remain in the capital after completing their studies are studying bio-tech, engineering, computer science, education, political science, and medicine. Over 80% are confident they will find employment in the city.

The poll was taken ahead of an assembly for young adults http://young-jerusalem.org.il/ promoting life in the capital. Mayor Nir Barkat explains “While in the past the young fled the city, today, we see them as the city’s future and we are investing significant funds as resources. Jerusalem is once again attractive to the young and the city is a high-tech leader as well as in culture and other areas of life”.

The continuing protests of chareidi councilmen are over many of these same issues – the fact that the mayor is investing major resources to attract young adults, changing the character of the city at the expense of the chareidim and the Torah atmosphere that existed in many areas for so long. One such example is Machane Yehuda and its new nighttime events as many of the stalls are now pubs and entertainment venues for hundreds and at times thousands of young who spend nighttime hours socializing and drinking, not exactly in line with the chareidi vision of cultural activities.