Thousands came out to pay their respects on Sunday to Yamam Squad Commander Chief Inspector Arnon Zamora, z'l, H'yd, who fell in during the operation to rescue four hostages from Hamas captivity.

Mivaseret Tzion Local Council Head Yoram Shimon called on residents to pay last respects and to stand at the sides of the road as the officer's body was brought for burial in the police section of the Mount Herzl Cemetary in Jerusalem.

The commanding officer of the Yamam eulogized Arnon: "Yesterday, after a long preparation, the Yamam operated to bring back hostages. The mission was a success, we brought joy and comfort to the people of Israel. The price the Yamam paid is unbearable. We prepared a lot, we trained non-stop, and we knew the mission was very dangerous. Arnon was a brave, fearless soldier, who acted professionally and strived for contact with the enemy, through a feeling of duty like no other.

"Arnon was always first, during this heroic mission which he led as well, he operated bravely and was an example for his men," he added.... Read More: Arutz-7