IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari this evening (Thursday) revealed the identities of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who were killed in an IAF airstrike on a UNRWA school in Nuseirat last night.

"Overnight, the IDF conducted a precise, intelligence-based strike targeting dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists hiding inside a UN school in Gaza. Some of these terrorists participated in the Hamas Massacre of October 7th. I will soon reveal the identities of some of the terrorists we eliminated," Hagari said.

"The terrorists were operating from this U.N. school. They were planning and conducting attacks from inside classrooms of this UNRWA school. Our precise strike was based on concrete intelligence, from multiple sources. The terrorists inside this school were planning more attacks against Israelis, some of them imminent. We stopped a ticking time-bomb. This is what it was," he declared.

Hagari explained, "Our intelligence indicated that the terrorists were operating from inside these three classrooms. Three classrooms. We delayed our strike twice, because we identified civilians in the area. We had aerial surveillance that had been monitoring the Hamas compound for a few days. We conducted the strike once our intelligence and surveillance indicated that there were no women or children inside the Hamas compound, inside those classrooms. Despite the complex operational conditions, our Air Force used precise munitions to target the three specific classrooms that the terrorists were hiding inside."... Read More: Arutz-7