Jerusalem, Israel - June 5, 2024  - Wednesday afternoon June 5, 2024, כ''ח אייר, the streets of Yerushalayim were filled with thousands and thousands of people singing, and dancing with Israeli flags. Families were pushing baby strollers, and participants of all ages walked. Along the routes, thousands more spectators sat to watch on the warm sunny afternoon. The main gathering area on King George Street was packed with young men singing and dancing before they proceeded to the Kotel through Damascus Gate. The girls met on Bezalel Street and proceeded to Jaffa Gate into the Old City.

Security was extra heavy and evident along the routes to the Kotel Plaza which was crowded hours before the sun set and the main marchers arrived.

Every year, media sources report and widely share incidents of negative interactions with journalists or Arabs on the way to the Old City. 

This year I did not see any hateful shouting. I saw a bride posing along the way, and a female clown blowing bubbles. Thousands of young women and girls arrived by way of Jaffa Gate. The Flag Parade/March/Dance dancing is loud and energy levels and crowds can be overwhelming. However, one day a year the streets in the center of Yerushalayim are closed to traffic and filled with celebration of the reunification of Yerushalayim in June of 1967.  

The photo essay consists of only 60 scenes of the tens of thousands appreciating the day of Yerushalayim reunited 57 years ago.