Sources in Israel's defense echelon slammed Finance MInister Bezalel Smotrich for toppling the Palestinian Authority, noting that he is leading a process which will defund it.

Speaking with Ynet, the security sources said that Smotrich's economic sanctions mainly hurt Palestinian Authority officials and security personnel, who the sources claim prevent terror attacks. This is due in large part to the Palestinian Authority's decision to prioritize terrorists' salaries over those of its employees.

"There is an Israeli interest in preserving the moderates and preventing the extremists from taking control of the area," they claimed.

Smotrich responded: "Those 'security sources,' who have done everything they can for years to prevent the IDF from entering Gaza and destroying Hamas, who are responsible for the most horrific military failure that happened to the Jewish nation since the Holocaust, and who have been lackadaisical about managing the war since then, are threatening anyone who dares to challenge their atrophied thinking and to think outside of the box."... Read More: Arutz-7