In a confrontation that erupted this morning (Monday) during a sensitive discussion at one of the General Staff meetings, several generals in the General Staff criticized Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi.

"At Training Base 1 they teach to take command responsibility. What is happening with that? Where is what we learned and what is actually happening?", the generals criticized the Chief of Staff.

They continued to criticize the lack of consultations, and Halevi responded: "There is no time, we're at war." In response, they added: "So why is there time for events like Jerusalem Day? We are stagnating and not achieving victory."

In response to these remarks, Chief of Staff Halevi replied: "I took responsibility in the early days of the war, and I said in front of the public at the Western Wall Plaza that I am responsible and that the feeling of responsibility accompanies me every day and in every decision I make in the war. I am now focused on achieving the war objectives, and I expect everyone around this table to feel the same."... Read More: Arutz-7