Jerusalem, Israel  - Feb.16, 2020 - President Reuven Rivlin today, Monday 10 February / 15 Shevat, welcomed representatives of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL-JNF) to Beit HaNasi in honor of Tu Bishevat and the organization’s education and community week. The week included a day for people with special needs, volunteers planted trees in the Lahav Forest together with ‘Kav L’chaim’ and a range of other activities were held. World Chairman of KKL-JNF Danny Atar, members of the organization and outstanding young people involved in education and community activities also participated in the event.

The president said, “this gathering here expresses the new missions KKL-JNF has undertaken. Loving nature, the land and the state; bridging between the different parts of Israeli society; incorporating populations with special needs; encouraging enlistment in the IDF and promoting the legacy of Israel’s heroes. I wish you and us all many more years of dynamic Zionism, which sees the missions ahead and promotes them from a love of the State of Israel and of Israeli society.”

Chairman of KKL-JNF Atar: “KKL-JNF has been working and investing for years in many fields to develop Israeli society, including investment in informal education and promoting values of equality, diversity, closing gaps and more. For that reason, the education and community division decided to hold a week to focus on these values. We concluded this week with a ceremony awarding our outstanding service award on Tu BiShevat, our organization’s holiday. I am happy to see these wonderful young people taking part in building a better future for our country.”

A short video was shown of various inclusion programs sponsored throughout Israel. A sign interpreter stood in front next to the speakers throughout the event. Youth recipients received awards at Beit HaNasi in the main hall which was filled to capacity while outside the weather was unusually cold and wet.