Jerusalem, Israel - Nov. 19, 2019 - The tenth annual Temech Conference was held in the Jerusalem International Conference Center on November 19, 2019. Temech, which grew from the Kishor Conference for Haredi Women, had one thousand Israeli business and entrepreneurial women participating. 

Gvira Milworm attended most of the previous Temech conferences, but this was her first one as Temech's new CEO, "It is a tremendous zechus for me to work with the special community of women who do and who give so much faith, women whose priorities are clear, women with a special closeness to Hashem." 

For the English Program, following sponsor Ilan Goldstein of Elan Global Group, and Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair lecturer at Ohr Someyach, former Temech CEO Shaindy Babad and new Chairperson of Temech, was the main speaker. Her talk on challenges and how to move forward toward a goal was appreciated by the crowded conference meeting room. 

As in the past, the conference was dedicated by Ms. Chavi Hertz to her grandmother Henya Malka Lechner z"l. 

Prior to the conference, Penina Eichler serving as the English program director requested participants to define 'wealth.' Responses showed "wealth is not a clearly delineated concept or an easily defined one, and means different things to different people." The wealth theme was used throughout the day of the conference. 

After a break and more time for networking in the afternoon, five Anglo women who play a role in Israel's print and digital media interviewed five Anglo women who made aliyah and have built successful businesses and careers. 

Financial consultant and founder of Living Financially Smarter in Israel Facebook group, Rifka Lebowitz was interviewed by Nomee Shaingarten, Mishpacha's chief digital marketing officer.

Editor-in-chief of Menucha Publishers Esther Heller, interviewed Riva Pomerantz, author of 12 best selling true-to-life novels and hundreds of articles. Her new project Masterpiece: Unite & Write aims to "provide support for frum female writers."

Digital marketer and content writer Hadassah Levy was interviewed by Shemesh Media partner Sharon Rottman.

Rivki Segal spoke of her days teaching in Baltimore and serving as director of the Women's Insitute of Torah in Baltimore form 2000 to 2005 when being interviewed by Tamar Ansh, author of "Let's Say Amen!" and "A Taste of Challah." Segal has a new career leading a program of teaching English to Israeli children. 

The fifth and final interview before the late lunch, for the entire conference which filled the main hall, was conducted by journalist and host of's "At Home in Jerusalem" Heather Dean. Dr. Yehudit Abrams founder and CEO of MonitHer Ltd. responded to questions on her project to provide women with an affordable method for early detection of breast cancer. Using her knowledge of ultrasound technology to invent an early detection device. Abrams would like to see one in every mikva to record data monthly to catch small changes.

Naomi Elbinger once again served as the moderator in the English track. Included in the photo essay with Baltimore connections is Rena Yudkowsky.

Financial advisor and former banker Lebowitz concluded her remarks, "it's a myth that you can't make it in Israel - when the cafes, malls, and the airport are full."

The Temech English Program was attended by Anglo Olim, some in Israel for many years, other women more recent arrivals. Share Your Wealth TED-style talks, a creative media project, and private consulting sessions were available.  Working in English in Israel and creating successful careers and businesses, sharing stories, and helping others to grow and improve, important parts of the support network provided by Temech.