Days after a major security escalation erupted between Hezbollah and Israel, and amid Israeli warnings over Hezbollah’s precision-missile program, the Israel Defense Forces exposed on Tuesday a new facility in eastern Lebanon for the production of guided missiles.

The site, located near Nabi Chit in the Bekaa Valley, is designed to “convert and manufacture precision guided missiles,” and “was established a few years ago by Iran and Hezbollah in order to manufacture weapons,” the IDF stated. Aerial photos of the facility, showing structures to create explosive warheads, engines and a “quality assurance” center were released by the IDF.

Arabic-language media outlets said Israel conducted an airstrike in the same area on Aug. 26. The alleged target of the strike was not confirmed, though reports at the time claimed that a base belonging to a Palestinian armed faction was hit.

On Tuesday, the IDF stated, “Lately, various activities to facilitate the manufacture and conversion of precision guided missiles at the facility have been identified, including the establishment of a dedicated assembly line for precision weapons, and the transfer of sensitive and dedicated equipment. The facility holds a number of machines designed to manufacture the motors and the warheads of missiles with an accuracy of less than 10 meters. In order to manufacture the missiles, Iran supplies special machines and instructs the manufacturing crews, in addition to continuous supporting guidance.”