President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin this evening, Sunday 16 June / 13 Sivan, hosted the 25th Bible Study Group of the 929 initiative which offers a regular reading of the Bible from an Israeli social perspective, held in memory of Nechama Rivlin ז"ל , who was part of the initiative from its inception. The topic of this group was "the place of the Bible in Israeli society," based on reading 1 Samuel 7. Rabbi Benny Lau and Gal Gabai of 929, Dr. Micha Goodman, founder of Krembo Wings Adi Altschuler, members of the Rivlin family and the heads of 929 study groups from around the country took part in the event. Singer Yoni Rechter performed three of his songs.

"The last few days have been the most difficult ones I have experienced, and we have experienced as a family," the president began, adding, "We knew that the separation might come, and still, when it came, we were bereft and shocked by its pain. Yet the last few days were also the most loving and caring we have ever known. The love that me and my children have felt, the love that many Israelis feel for our Nechama, have come to us in full force and spirit. I have no doubt that Nechama's spirit will continue to accompany us in this Bible study group, because the spirit as we learn this evening is probably the strongest force of nature."

"’As no one has power over the wind to contain it, so no one has power over the time of their death’ (Ecclesiastes 8: 8), it is so wisely written,” continued the president. “Although since the dawn of humanity, the human race has many tried and many still try, there is nothing more challenging and rebellious than the free spirit The freedom to think, to create, to refresh, and to carry away. Any attempt to destroy the spirit is contrary to its physical properties. When the spirit is imprisoned, it is not silenced, but rather the opposite. Its inner turmoil is amplified, and it returns to its roots even more strongly.”

At the end of his remarks, the president noted that they were joined by heads of 929 initiative study groups from around the country, saying "This evening we are joined by about 200 people who have accepted the idea of leaving their homes and to allow the spirit to continue to breathe in the country. I hope that the study groups that you set up will convey the message of the spirit of the love of learning from Galgal and Mitzpeh, and from there to Tel Aviv and Haifa and to every place in the Land of Israel. "