The directorate of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Batei Din on Tuesday released data regarding 2018, including divorces in chareidi cities.

Documents state that the number of couples divorced in 2018 stands at 11,145, as compared to 10,661 in the year 2017, a 5% increase. In addition, 4,102 divorce cases were opened in 2018, and 8,626 cases were opened for couples seeking to have their divorce agreement approved.

There were 7,857 cases asking the beis din for shalom bayis, and 3000 cases demanding alimony, 1500 seeking property division and 2000 regarding custody and arrangements regarding children.

As for the breakdown by city: In Jerusalem, 733 couples divorced – a decrease of 7% compared to last year. In Tel Aviv, there is an increase of 16% in the number of divorcing couples in 2018: 750 couples, although the Tel Aviv population is significantly smaller than that of Jerusalem. Read more at YWN