Jerusalem, Israel - June 5, 2019 - The flags at Beit Hanasi in Jerusalem, Israel were flying at half mast. Outside a small table draped in black held memorial candles and a bouquet of flowers. Around the corner at the Jerusalem Theater, the lobby was prepared to offer the public a chance to pay last respects to Nechama Rivlin z"l, wife of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. 

On what would have been her 74th birthday, the scene was set for her funeral and mourning. After years suffering from pulmonary disease, she had received a lung transplant in the spring. However, the first lady never came home from Beilinson Hospital after the operation and passed away on June 4, 2019.

Security was tight, as the hot sun blazed down on those in the plaza outside the theater. Eight pallbearers dressed in white shirts and dark pants entered the Jerusalem Theater lobby and placed the casket on the black draped stage.

Former Supreme Court Judge Eliakim Rubenstein was one of the first to pass by after staff members stood silently in front of the casket, surrounded by a memorial candle and photo of Mrs. Rivlin z"l.

Politicians, senior citizens, neighbors, even a few young people with babies, came during the afternoon and passed quietly by. Many took out their cell phones for a souvenir photograph.

The President entered surrounded by family, and escorted by one young grandson and his sister-in-law. Members of the crowd offered hugs and condolences to President Rivlin. 

The streets around the theater were closed until the funeral procession left Jerusalem Theater and proceeded to Har Herzl Cemetary. 

At the funeral, Tehillim were read by Rabbi Benny Lau, followed by Kaddish said by President Rivlin and son Ran Rivlin. Eulogies and laying of wreaths were televised. The public was invited to both locations.