A Palestinian woman was killed and an IDF soldier lightly wounded during violent protests along the Gaza border friday as thousands of Palestinians gathered for weekly protests.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, a Palestinian woman identified as 43 year-old Amal Mustafa Taramsi was killed after she was shot in the head by IDF troops east of Gaza City. Another 25 were injured, including a journalist and several medics when an ambulance was hit by a gas bomb.

The military said some 13,000 Palestinians participated in the riots along the security fence,  burning tires, throwing rocks, as well as throwing fire bombs and hand-grenades towards troops and trying to breach the security fence. 

According to the military three Palestinians were able to breach the security fence in the northern part of the coastal enclave, prompting IDF troops to open fire and leading the men to return to the Strip shortly thereafter. Read more at JPost