Rogue state threatens to attack US over joint drills between US aircraft carrier and South Korean forces.

North Korea threatened to launch a series of "merciless" attacks on the US if a US Navy carrier violates its “sovereignty and dignity,” according to a report Tuesday by Reuters.

The USS Carl Vinson is sailing towards South Korea in order to take part in joint drills with the US ally.

North Korea took the arrival of the aircraft carrier as a provocation and said that it was part of a "reckless scheme" by the US to attack the rogue state.

"If they infringe on the DPRK's (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) sovereignty and dignity even a bit, its army will launch merciless ultra-precision strikes from ground, air, sea and underwater," the North Korean state news agency KCNA said.

"On March 11 alone, many enemy carrier-based aircraft flew along a course near territorial air and waters of the DPRK to stage drills of dropping bombs and making surprise attacks on the ground targets of its army," the KCNA added.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is scheduled to make his first official visit to South Korea on Friday.