Davos has long been recognized as a popular tourist destination for ultra-Orthodox Jewish travelers from Israel and around the world. However, tensions between these tourists and the local community have been on the rise in recent years. Locals have expressed concerns about disrespectful behavior and a lack of regard for local customs, while tourists have frequently raised allegations of antisemitism.

A recent incident has caused significant uproar within the Jewish community in Switzerland, even making headlines in the country's prominent newspaper, the Tages-Anzeiger. According to the report, a mountain station located at the base of the Alps, where skiing trails begin and winter sports equipment is available for rent, displayed a sign in Hebrew outside the entrance.

The sign stated that no more sports equipment would be rented to "our Jewish brothers." The message further explained that this decision was made due to various troubling incidents, including a sled being stolen. The sign specifically mentioned that the rental restriction applied to all equipment, including sleds, air boards, ski jackets and snowshoes. The station expressed gratitude for the customers' understanding.

A 21-year-old Orthodox Jewish man who visited the site requested to rent equipment but was denied. "I pretended not to understand Hebrew and asked if we could rent the equipment. After the woman consulted with the manager, she rejected our request," he shared. When the young man inquired about the reason for the refusal, the woman responded that it was not her decision. "The incident left me very saddened. It is discriminatory and antisemitic," he said.... Read More: YNET News