A Jewish organization in the United States wrote to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Daniel Werfel, on Wednesday, to request the IRS suspend the United Nations Refugee Works Agency (UNRWA) non-profit status as investigations have been launched into its terror ties. Suspension of this status will prevent donations to UNRWA from being tax deductible. 

While the letter, sent jointly by the National Jewish Advocacy Center and Israel-based International Legal Forum, acknowledged that Gazans need charitable support, "UNRWA is part of the problem, not the solution." 

Justifying the change in status, the Jewish organization cited the IRS' policy, stating that activities of a Section 501(c)(3) organization must not be “illegal, contrary to a clearly defined and established public policy, or in conflict with express statutory restrictions.” 

UNRWA's alleged terror ties and participation

The letter explained that UNRWA is under investigation as an investigation by UN Watch's Hillel Neuer found that UNRWA staff had actively participated in the October 7 terror attack against Israel - an attack that took the lives of over 1200 people. 

In addition to actively participating in the attack, the letter accuses UNRWA employees of "coordinate logistics for the assault (including procuring weapons), and still others held innocent people hostage for weeks and months on end."