Channel 12 News reports that three Israelis were attacked in an antisemitic incident by dozens of youngsters who beat them and threw bottles at them. Local police ignored their call, claiming that they were too "busy."

The three Israelis, one born and raised in Britain, were walking around the crowded Leicester Square. One even decided to take the skullcap [kippa] off his head.

Some youngsters approached them, asked them if they were Israelis and started beating them. Dozens others joined the attack. They managed to escape to a side street, where they called the police, but were told, “We’re busy. Try to calm down.”

Violent attacks in the heart of London are becoming more common, as Jews in other countries suffering an increase in antisemitic attacks. The Anti-Defamation League reported that in the two months after the October 7th attack, 2,039 antisemitic incidents were reported in Britain. A 300% increase has been reported in the number of antisemitic incidents in Austria and a 388% increase has been recorded in the US.... Read More: Arutz-7