Arab media maintain that pro-Iranian Shi'ite militia is attempting to cleanse country of last remaining Jews

The Houthi militia in Yemen, is reportedly rounding up the country's few remaining Jews, Egyptian newspaper Al Mesryoon claimed in a recent article.

According to the report as cited in Israeli outlet Arutz7, after being rounded up, the Houthis allegedly forced the Jewish residents of the Kharif District to sell their "homes, land and all their properties to Houthi leaders." There were further reports that the Houthis also pressure the Jews to leave Yemen.

Al Mesryoon further maintained that Yemen's tiny Jewish population - thought not to number more than approximately 100 - has consistently faced "systematic discrimination and human rights violations" at the hands of the Houthis. Actions have included cutting off water and electricity supplies from Jewish homes and preventing Jews from even going out to purchase provisions. Read more at i24