NEW JERSEY (VINnews) – Three decades after it first wowed kosher consumers with its debut show at the Javits Center, Kosherfest continues to draw businesses and consumers alike, with products as stereotypically Jewish as matza just yards away from a Bubby’s Lotus-biscuit-topped crepe cake and Aufschnitt Meats’ dark chocolate chia beef jerky.

The two day show began on Tuesday at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus and continued on Wednesday.

“This is a dream come true,” Menachem Lubinsky, president and CEO of Lubicom Marketing and the founder of Kosherfest, told VIN News.

“It is a vision that I had but didn’t think it would ever happen. The kosher industry has exploded and surprised even me to extent of its growth, its development, its diversity and the products that it produces. It’s been an incredible journey.”

While for so many attendees Kosherfest is all about tasting, the primary emphasis is on kashrus. Rabbi Aaron Mendelson who carries the title of official show rabbi said that over the years it became evident that vigilant supervision was needed, as exhibitors of a completely kosher product might bring along an accompanying item that could prove to be non kosher certified.

“One year we had someone who brought along cold cuts to go with his product,” Rabbi Mendelson told VIN News. “It was Boar’s Head. Needless to say, he was asked to leave.”

According to the Mintel Research Organization, 5,000 new food products sold in the US in the last few years were kosher certified with numbers expected to rise The exhibits at this year’s kosher food trade show included a blend of the traditional large kosher companies with many new manufacturers.

In addition to the more traditional tables, there were those who used schtick to draw attention to their product.

A Meal Mart food truck parked inside the convention hall was serving up fresh hot dogs, Pastrami Kishke, and Beef Cigards under a window that read “hands off the truck, hands on the food.” The always popular Fidelity Investments invited contestants to race toy cars around a speedway to win prizes.