The Elite Company will not be permitted to write “Mezonos” on appropriate items, those items upon which the bracha ‘mezonos’ is recited, the Vaad Kashrus of the Eida Chareidis has decided. The decision was precipitated by a debate among the rabbonim regarding the bracha to be recited on Baguette Crunch crackers.

The cracker is in essence small pieces of baguette and on the package, consumers are informed the bracha is ‘mezonos’. However, Sephardim have been complaining for some time since for them, the bracha is ‘hamotzei’ and not ‘mezonos’.

The production process of that product begins at a bakery in the south, and then it reaches the plant of Elite Strauss, where it is cut, seasoned and baked. This product was developed on the basis of a successful American product that was sold to a company that is a partner with Elite Strauss.

Various rabbonim visited the facility where the snack was baked, and after discussions over the past two weeks, a decision was made to remove the caption ‘Birkat Mezonos’ from the packages and instruct Elite to refrain from writing it in the future.