The long-awaited opening of a glatt-kosher restaurant at Arizona State University (ASU) has demonstrated to students that the administration is serious about its commitment to Jewish life on campus, reported on Monday.

The Chick-In eatery’s debut was called a “historical event” by the Chabad at ASU director, Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel — who was the driving force behind the initiative — for the school’s some 3,200 Jewish students. Before the restaurant opened in March, previous on-campus kosher food options were limited to Shabbat and holiday dinners at the Chabad house.

Chick-In offers Israeli-style dishes like falafel, schnitzel, shakshuka (a tomato-and-egg dish) and hummus, according to the report.

Jennifer Hightower, ASU’s vice president of student services, said the restaurant’s opening was “very important to the ASU student experience,” a sentiment echoed by students who spoke with the website.

Sophomore Mara Friedman said Chick-In offers a place to unwind and see familiar faces, while Israeli native Neta Galili stated that “[t]he rich flavors remind” her of home. Students have gathered at the venue for Tiechtel’s lunch-and-learn programs.

Chick-In owner, Yariv Elazar, told that the eatery has also served the wider Arizona Jewish community, as well as visitors to the state with few kosher options.