Baltimore, Md - Apr. 17, 2023 - STAR-K is once again offering the following popular seminars at its Baltimore corporate headquarters to take you 'behind the scenes' of the world of kashrus.

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JULY 10-12: 10th Annual Foodservice Mashgiach Training Seminar

An intensive three-day training program for people currently involved –  or who wish to become involved –  in hashgacha in restaurants, catering halls, hotels and the like. For men and women. Separate seating.

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JULY 17-20: 20th Annual Kashrus Training Program

This four-day program provides rabbonim, certifying agency administrators, kollel members and others serving in klei kodesh, with a hands-on, practical application of the Shulchan Aruch, covering the entire spectrum of kosher certification. For men only.

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For more information, contact Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, STAR-K's seminar coordinator, at 410-484-4110, ext. 219, or email

Early registration is advised as each program is limited to 25 students and spaces fill up early.