Corn on the Cob: Peel and rinse each piece prior to use. We recommend that you do not grill the entire ear with the husk still on.

Figs: We recommend opening the figs and doing a careful inspection for insects, including wasps, beetles and worms. Keep in mind that they often turn the same color as their surroundings due to the texture and consistency of the figs. Note that Turkish figs, in particular, are often highly infested and require very careful inspection. This is recommended even if the Turkish figs bear a STAR-K symbol.

Please see our full guidelines with pictures at

Pick your own fruits and vegetables: This has become a very popular and attractive summer activity. Please note that pick-your-own crops are similar to organic in that they are generally treated with less pesticides than conventional fields. As such, infestation levels in insect-prone items, e.g., strawberries, are usually much higher than conventional crops. Consumers are advised to exercise caution when washing these strawberries. We do not recommend blueberry picking

Slurpees: See our updated Kosher Slurpee list here or on our app.

Tune in to our pre-summer webinar this coming Tuesday, July 2, 12:00 p.m., where we will discuss many summer related topics, including Slurpees and sodas. Special guest - frum owner of a 7-11 will join our discussion.