The Pentagon has offered unspecified payments as a condolence to the families of 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children, who were killed in an Aug. 29 U.S. drone strike in Kabul.

Though U.S. military officials initially said the drone strike targeted an Islamic State member, they later admitted that Zemari Ahmadi, an aid worker who was driving the car struck by the drone, was an innocent victim.

The statement comes months after surviving family members first spoke about the need for compensation and accountability, with some calling on the U.S. to help them safely leave Afghanistan.

The U.S. offered the payments in a virtual meeting on Thursday between Colin Kahl, the under secretary of defense for policy, and Steven Kwon, the founder and president of Nutrition & Education International, a nonprofit focused on women in children in Afghanistan that had employed Ahmadi before he was killed.... Read More: Axios