Sen. Bernie Sanders is arguably the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination following his New Hampshire victory, so it may be surprising that the liberal MSNBC is getting criticized for its “antagonistic” coverage of the democratic socialist from Vermont. Some critics feel progressive MSNBC hosts and pundits prefer a moderate Democrat, and provide a laundry list of examples from the primary race to date.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews recently bashed former Mayor Pete Buttigieg for "not wanting to offend" Sanders supporters, and MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd was accused of using "journalistic sleights of hand" to insult Sanders supporters, the same group he called part of a "digital brown shirt brigade" during a separate segment.

Last week, Matthews declared "Bernie Sanders is not going to be president of the United States" and MSNBC host Joy Reid has said it would be “true” if President Trump used attack ads against Sanders that focus on him praising Fidel Castro, warning that he wouldn’t have a chance in Florida during the general election as a result.

“There are just some people who, for whatever reason, whether they're right or wrong, are just not going to vote for a socialist. Period," Reid told viewers on Sunday.

MSNBC anchor Joshua Johnson even appeared to urge colleagues not to help influence Democratic voters this time around after noting the media and DNC pushed Hillary Clinton over Sanders in 2016. But a voter on Tuesday told MSNBC anchor Ari Melber that she specifically voted for Sanders because of the unfair treatment he has received on the network -- and New Hampshire Democrats aren’t the only people to notice a pattern.

Journalist Jordan Chariton covered media for a variety of outlets before launching progressive media company Status Coup. He feels “MSNBC's political campaign coverage has been a merry-go-round of coastal, pro-corporate delusion,” which has resulted in the liberal network appearing to favor other candidates.

“This, of course, isn't a surprise considering executives from its parent company Comcast, which poured in hundreds of millions of dollars to kill net neutrality, hosted Joe Biden's first fundraiser,” Chariton told Fox News.

“From the network bringing on guests to falsely attack Bernie Sanders as ‘anti-woman,’ to millionaire anchor Chris Matthews offering cutting edge analysis of a Bernie Sanders presidency potentially leading to ‘assassinations in Central Park,’ MSNBC's evolution from a network once elevating progressive voices like Ed Schultz and Phil Donahue to a right-wing Super Pac for the corporate-wing of the Democratic Party has never been clearer," Chariton added.