Entrepreneur Andrew Yang has ended his bid for the presidency.

Yang was widely regarded as a breakthrough candidate who surpassed the expectation of many as he outlasted sitting senators, former governors and other lifelong politicians as political newcomer. Yang has never held an elected position, yet generated a strong following that carried him through multiple Democratic debates.

Yang ran on a promise to deliver the "Freedom Dividend," his signature universal basic income policy that would give $1000 a month to every American over the age of 18 who opts in. Despite it being one of the main reasons people were drawn to his campaign, the idea never caught on among his fellow Democratic candidates.

"Universal Basic Income is obviously the flagship proposal of my campaign," he said at an event in New Hampshire. "There are many other things I'm very passionate about, but universal basic income is the single most powerful and effective thing we can do to improve our way of life very very quickly.

He also said he was open to running again in 2024.

"The problems aren't likely to go away and as long as the problems are still there, I'd like to help solve them," he said. "So certainly I'm very open to running again if that's the best way to serve."

Yang often touted that one of his key qualifications to be president of the United States was his track record of creating "thousands of jobs." His claim to the title rested largely on Venture for America, an innovative nonprofit he launched in 2011 with a clear objective: Create 100,000 new jobs by 2025 by placing top college graduates at startups across the country.

Several economists described the project as a worthy cause, one designed to address a vexing problem, but nearly a decade after its launch -- despite Yang's campaign trail assertions to the contrary -- Venture for America's actual impact has not kept pace with its founder's ambition. Until recently, Venture for America's own website touted just 365 jobs created by 129 fellow-founded companies. Read more at ABC News