A Chabad couple from Pittsburgh has named their new baby girl born this week after a true Jewish heroine of our times, Lori – Leah Kaye, who was murdered last week in a shooting at the Chabad Center of Poway, California.

Chaya and Judah Cowen told COLlive they were inspired to name their new baby girl Noa Leah after Lori because she exemplified someone “that every parent would want their child to turn out to be like.”

“We had gone through many different names,” Judah Cowen, who owns an event planning and catering company with his wife, Chaya, told COLlive. “We actually had a different name picked out, but when we learned about Lori, we decided that to name our baby after her just felt right, especially since it was still during the Shiva.”

Cowen, who has 4 other children, says that he and his family were very affected by the tragic events of the last day of Pesach in Poway, since they experienced a similar tragedy 6 months ago in Pittsburgh. “This really hit close to home for us,” he said.

“Just reading about what was written and shared about Lori, we saw that she was a very special person, whether it was her volunteering for so many organizations, supporting many causes, or constantly being there for others,” Cowen said.

“It was an honor for us to name our child after her,” he said. “Klal Yisroel really is connected, and to us, Lori really felt like family. We hope that by naming our daughter after her, it should bring, at the very least, a little solace and consolation to her family, community, and all of Klal Yisroel.”