Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, Executive Vice President of the Rabbinical Alliance of America – Igud Harabbonim, representing nearly one thousand Rabbis serving throughout the United States –congratulates President Donald Trump on his historic decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. “It is crucial for Israel to maintain sovereignty over the Golan Heights. History has taught the hard-learned lesson that the Golan Heights are essential for the safety and security of Israel's citizens in a dangerous area currently engulfed in civil war,” declared Rabbi Mirocznik.

Mirocznik added: “History stands as a witness to the peril that Israel faced from shelling and terror prior to the 1967 Six Day War. The worst reality would be an Israeli withdrawal that would tragically place innocent civilian in immediate danger. This would place Israel in a very weakened state and that, of course, would be highly detrimental to American security interests in the Middle East. Only a strong Israel affords stability and security in this most volatile neighborhood. May the Almighty’s mercy be aroused, and may He continue to protect the one and only nation of Israel and its allies in the Western world, namely the United States.”

Asked if he thought that the timing of Trump’s statement on the Golan Heights was more than coincidental since it happened on Purim, Rabbi Mirocznik said, “In the blessing that we say before we read the biblical book of Esther on Purim, we beseech the Almighty that we should have the opportunity to see the same kind of miracles that happened in ancient times during our lifetimes, in our generation. It was not lost on the Jewish community that on that day, of all days, the US President made an announcement of such incredible significance. If that is not a miracle, then I do not know what is.”

May He who makes peace in the heavens make peace on this world. May bloodshed, terror and violence be no more, replaced with true everlasting peace and tranquility.