Baltimore, MD - Jan. 13, 2018 - Join us at Kollel Nachlas Hatorah of Machzikei Torah (6216 Biltmore Ave) for the upcoming Legal Holiday and hear inspiring Shiurim on your day off. This Monday, January 15th, we will be having a special shiur at 9:30am by the Rosh Kollel, HaRav Nechemiah Goldstein.

We will be honored to hear the second shiur, at 10:15 am, from HaRav Pinchas Gross.

These special shiurim are arranged in addition to the regular schedule of learning at Kollel Nachlas Hatorah. Our regular schedule on Monday through Friday includes shiurim and chavrusa learning from 9:30am-12:00pm. Come join us and grow in Torah on a daily basis or whenever you are available.

For more information or for sponsorship opportunities please call 410-358-1019.